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Costume Ideas for Annie Cast

Red dress like this one: we can discuss this with you in person.

Annie & ALL Orphans

Dresses should be drab, dull colors.  nothing bright.  old worn out shoes - dirty in appearance, maybe holes, shabby socks with holes if you wish, no white socks or shoelaces unless you dirty them up. dirty-worn dresses with bloomers (if you can find or make them), unclean aprons if desired, may add an old, drab colored sweater if you wish.  feel free to sew patches on these dresses. .

Apple Seller:

Nothing expensive.  You probably have these in your closet?? Black, brown, or Khaki pants, fingerless gloves in black or brown.  Long sleeved shirt, apron that is a little dirty, or suspenders.  old school hat...  If you wear suspenders and are a boy, you need a bow tie to go with your outfit.  Either way, I'd like an apron.  Either a full length like seen in the picture above, or a short half apron that ties around the waist...

Bert Healy:

Well dressed.  Do what you want with this costume.  plaid pants, or not?? Striped jacket? He was a big radio personality who was well dressed from his head to his toes.(needs a hat like in these pictures, zurchers probably carries these in the USA aisle) (church shoes are totally fine).

Boylyn Sisters:

Boylyn Sisters:  We haven't decided if we are going with matching dresses/same color for all three or matching dresses different colors...  Either way, we will be taking your measurements on the first day of rehearsal, Thursday October 3rd.  We also need to know your sizes, S, M, L youth size or juniors etc. If you know your daughters sizes already, please email me at  Because these are very specific costumes, Teresa and I will buy these costumes...  Shoes, are up to you.  We would like black patten shiny sunday shoes, please.  You won't be dancing in these shoes, so, look at the DI and buy them there...


Bundles is a working man back in the 20's.  He needs a black bow tie, black or white pants, and a white  Dress shirt.  Also needs hat like in the pictures above..  Working shoes, not dress shoes, please.  But, if all you have is sunday dress shoes, use those... No need to spend money on the shoes.  A Jacket is optional.  If you have one lying around or find one for CHEAP at the DI, add it, if not, no biggie.  not required.

Drake and ALL Servants:

Drake White Shirt, Black Jacket or Black Sweater, Bow Tie, Black dress pants, Black dress shoes:   Servants: look at pictures, BOYS LONG SLEEVED Black T-shirt, Long black slacks, black dress shoes…. GIRL: SHORT sleeved black T-shirt, Long black slacks, black dress shoes… TERESA AND I WILL FIND THE MAID HATS AND APRONS.  NO V-NECKS.. NO WHITE TEES UNDER SHIRTS, please buy exactly as listed above.  

Grace Farrell:

Grade needs a business suit with a dressy shirt underneath..  In the second picture, you see Grace featured in a beautiful business "dress", this will have to be approved by Teresa and I before you purchse it...  The business suit, there is no need to approve it.. Professional etc.. Character shoes are preferred if you have them as Grace will be dancing and we need her to move with ease across the stage.

Louis Howe:

SECRET SERVICE AGENT LOOKING!!  Sun Glasses…. Slicked back hair.  Sunday suit, a regular long tie please-no bow tie for this character.  He is well dressed and pushes FDR onto the stage.  He was his body guard.  We have a LOUISE HOWE she will be in this exact outfit.. long pants, etc.  Go to the DI and buy a cheap dark suit....

Lt. Ward:

 We will help find this costume.  It needs to be a cop uniform with period specific hat and a billy club.

Miss Hannigan

Miss Hannigan needs TWO funny, outlandish  outfits.  One, her STATEMENT for a dress.... character shoes are preferred, easy to dance in, wont'slide around during her songs.  Look at the DI you will find something very inexpensive.

New Yorkers
Parents, please do not search google images with your children as you are looking for costume ideas.  There are some interesting things on Google, if you dont' have your computer blocked.
The New Yorkers are comprised of a wonderfully colorful collection of characters, usually identified by their occupation. Some ideas for these costumes are: street vendors, homeless people, tourists, taxi drivers, newsboys, pickpockets, street cleaners, mothers and children, and news reporters.  have fun with this and DO NOT spend a lot of money.  CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP at the DI.  For examples, google images 1920’s and type which character are interested in.

Oliver Warbucks      

Oliver Warbucks  is ALWAYS well dressed.  Sunday Best.  Suit, Tie, sunday shoes, nice belt... dress coat for NYC.. If you google him, he is usually in a tux, unless you can find a CHEAP tuxedo at the DI don't worry about it.  But he does need a NICE dress coat for NYC... 

President Roosevelt  

Very well dressed.  A LONG tie, not a bow tie please.  dark suit, grey, or dark blue... Sunday best for sure on this one.  We will find his spectacles.

Rooster Hannigan
costume 1


costume 1

costume 2

costume 2
Rooster costume 1..Preferable, a FLAMBOYOUNT SUIT!!  however, If you have a suit you wear on Sunday, add a PINK or LIME shirt underneath with a bow tie.  Hat.   Or just have fun with this costume... Shoot me a text (801) 865-7563 to approve it.  Costume 2, sort of like the orphans... a very dirty, word, ragged suit with old ragged sports coat, newsies hat, etc... drab colors, no white shirt please.  Mustaches will be provided by me and Teresa.

Lilly St. Regis  

costume 2

costume 2  needs a dirty, shabby jacket and hat

costume 2, needs an old shabby dirty coat with hat

costume 2, perfect  in every way. 

Costume 1)A flamboyant dress, feel free to get a faux fur scarf to go around the neck, matching little cute hat. jewelry...(refer to Roosters pictures also for examples)  Costume 2) old colorless drab, grey, dark beige, dress, holes in stockings as if worn, ratty shoes, possibly glasses and an old looking hat.


We will help find you a costume... looking at this one:  Teresa and I will buy this costume

Stars To Be   

The star to be's have arrived in NYC and are READY TO BE STARS!!! Well dressed and ready for their first NY audition!!  No need to match, just dressed in a cute business suit or skirt with a dressy long sleeved shirt, hats were worn back then, so, a matching hat would be awesome...


We will help you find this costume.. it is very specific.  if you find one on your own, especially now at halloween, please send me a text so i can okay it (i will send it to teresa.  we are a team and approve everything together).  

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