Friday, April 18, 2014


I'm sorry I waited so long for the cast parties!!!  I really wanted to hand out the DVD at the party so I had to wait until it was finished.. Jason has finished editing it and has sent it to someone to duplicate for distribution.  I should have them on Thursday next week...


When is our cast parties??

FRIDAY, April 25th!!!
CAST "A" 3:15-4:30
CAST "B" 4:45-6:00
DVD's will be distributed... Thanks so much!!

The Parties will be IN MY ROOM as the stage will have computers in them.... 

I will purchase pizza for each party, but, wondered if a parent would be willing to pick it up and bring to the parties for me?? I will give you the money for it, if you could do that for me...  There will be computers in my room as well and I will need to get them taken down and moved so we can have our cast party...

Also, we will serve "water" for the party!!

If there is anything you are willing to bring to the party, snacks/brownies/cookies  we would not send them away!! LOL

Thanks so much for your extreme patience while we waited for teh DVD's... I haven't seen them yet, but, I KNOW they will be amazing..

Please shoot me a text with your name and how many DVD's you ordered just so I KNOW I have a DVD for you.


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