Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yesterday's rehearsal with cast B went AMAZING!!!! It was 1000% because we had three parents back stage... It is absolutely necessary to have two parents helping back stage with rehearsal.  No one has signed up yet... I know it is a loooong time away from your other kids and household however, I would greatly appreciate the help.  If I can put a parent on a specific job, the rehearsal will be AMAZING!!!

It frees up me up to direct from the floor, and Teresa and Nikki to concentrate on set changes, mic changes and getting our kids in place at the correct time!!!!!

Hopefully we can get a couple of our amazing parents signed up to help at not only rehearsals, but during the shows!!!!  Also some of the shows I've worked in the past, parents have been backstage during the OTHER cast  performances so they could sit in the audience on their kids' performance night.... Just an idea...

Just click the top link on the right!!!!  Volunteer opportunities!!!

Thanks everyone!!!' And thanks to the three amazing parents who helped tonight!!!!! Woo Hoo so happy !!

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