Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cast B is tonight!!! Woo Hoo

Both cast parents..

Backstage is chaotic and crazy!!!!!! 
This is a quick email requesting back stage help not just during rehearsal but during our performances....... I need two to  four STRICT parents back stage with cast B tonight, and every night. Same goes fir cast A!!! There will be two scripts for all volunteers to look at... In order for Nikki Teresa and I to change mics and make effective scene changes, we someone on the kids, telling them where to go, reminding them to get their prop etc...

Help!!!   I mean thus us a legitimate SOS call my friends!!!!!!

Teresa and I will direct you further once you are at rehearsal. 


Also I had hop put pizza on the snack list for we'd and Thursday.  There us no tine to eat during these rehearsals.  I will
Have snacks on a table. They can pick through them through out rehearsal as long as they don't litter and are on stage with props at the correct time!!! 

Let me know.  Hope. Take off pizza. Add snacks .. And please please please add 4 spits for nightly parent volunteers starting TONNIGHT through the show!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!

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