Monday, January 27, 2014

We had an AWESOME rehearsal last week!!  We blocked the first half of the play.  A gigantic GOLD STAR on everyone's forehead who participated in that rehearsal. We are So proud of what we accomplished!!  WOO HOO

Let's talk about rehearsal this week!! ALL Thursday rehearsals will be from 3:15-5:30 from now on...

NO ORPHANS this week
We are blocking pages 20-39 but we will not need any orphans.  Only the cast members listed below!
IF YOU ARE LISTED BELOW YOU MUST BE MEMORIZED!!! It is extremely hard to block if you are not memorized.... Try hard to get these lines learned by Thurs!!!
Cast members needed:
Miss Hannigan
Lt. Ward
Burt Healy
Boylyn Sisters

Everyone in both casts will be at this rehearsal 

    Let's talk about   
Teresa and I didn't expect such a run on tickets!! WOWEE KAZOWEE!!  
I first would like to say alay ANY rumors going around that we are going to add additional shows or add additional dates. This is not true.  It is simply not going to happen. 

Teresa and I had originally wanted to keep the curtain closed during the performances, to have a more intimate setting, but it is very apparent that we need to open it up and add additional seating.  So, as of today on all 6 nights, we will be adding an additional 75 seats.  This is three more rows.

We are hoping this will accommodate all cast families who have yet to purchase their tickets.
With this said, I would like to be very clear, EVERY SINGLE TICKET PURCHASED IS A PHENOMENAL SEAT.  Our new sound system will make it a beautiful experience no matter where you sit...  Please do not feel jipped or ripped off if you are in the gym area.  It will be an amazing experience no matter where your seats are.

I had always envisioned around 200 seats per night, and our ticket sales have forced us to make that our total.  If the demand for even more seats is needed, we will open up a few more rows, but only if demand dictates. 
Those of you who have purchased tickets on row F on any evening, your tickets have not been printed yet.  I have written down who has purchased these seats and will contact you when the tickets are printed and in my classroom.

Can I just say how amazing our parents are!! I mean, REALLY amazing!!!!  I have directed for years and have never had such a phenomenal experience with parents willing to help with a production.  I really love all of our LPA families... Yet another reason why I work at this school.!!!

An awesome and amazing parent came in this weekend and built us two of our three orphan beds and attached part of our fireplace to the mansion wall.  THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!

We also had several parents show up Saturday evening to help prime and paint what sets we had available.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED DO THAT!!!
Our artist, Sara MacFarlane is coming in this week to begin working her magic on our sets.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible for her to begin working on these pieces.

We are closer and closer to opening night!!  I get butterflies just thinking about it!!

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