Friday, January 10, 2014


Thanks to everyone who attended our parent meeting.  We discussed many things which I will detail in another blogpost on Sunday or Monday!!

THIS post is to list ALL of the volunteer opportunities available to you as cast parents, to help get our show up and running!!!  Go ahead and sign up for a one, two or three things if you wish!!  Everything counts towards volunteer hours, even donating water and candy to the concessions booth!!

We appreciate all you have done, are doing and will do to help make this production amazing!!

Some of you signed up at the meeting for stuff... You are listed below in a message I received from Hope Taft.  She was the amazing parent (and my dear friend) who entered all of these needs into sign up genius.. THANKS HOPE!!!

If you signed up at the meeting PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND ADD YOURSELF INTO THE SIGNUP GENIUS YOURSELF!!!!  We can't add the people to the list, you have to do that yourselves.

all Parents, please read the message after this link.  It may pertain to "you"!!

Thanks Again Everyone!!

(message from Hop)
Below are the names of the volunteers who at the parent meeting signed up to help but did not give their phone number/email.  If you have a way to contact them (I do, this blog ha ha), you may want to reach out and confirm whether or not they are still willing to do what they said last night they’d do, and encourage them to visit signupgenius so we have a record of what they’re doing.  (this is me encouraging you to visit signup genius!!)
(Keep in mind that some of the handwriting was difficult to read, so I had to simply guess on the spelling of some of the names)

·         Susie Oak: concessions on 3/10
·         Anne Higgisbotham: concessions on 3/10
·         Jen Smith: usher on 3/10, 3/13, 3/14, and 3/15
·         Jeff Smith: usher on 3/10, 3/13, 3/14, and 3/15
·         Patric D.: usher on 3/10
·         Sayla Silos: usher on 3/10 and usher on 3/12
·         JoAnn Hatch: concessions on 3/11
·         Donna Winkler: concessions on 3/11
·         Julio Campos: concessions on 3/11
·         Brooke Miller: usher on 3/14
·         Jamie Harper: usher on 3/13
·         Anne-Marie Bishop: concessions on 3/11 and 3/13

The following people I wasn’t able to add to SignUpGenius, but I did send them a text asking them to do so.  However, some did not reply and it could be because some of these numbers may not be capable of receiving text messages.

·         Rita Orona 801-xxx-1054: concessions on 3/11 and 3/12, and donating water and candy
·         Tina Peterson 775-xxx-2217: ushering on 3/12 and donating water & candy
·         Teresa Taylor 801-xxx-9485: ushering 3/11 and donating water & candy
·         Janalee Carman 801-xxx-2267: concessions on 3/13 and donating water & candy
·         Kevin Staples 801-xxx-0736: ushering on 3/15
·         Marci Erickson 801-xxx-6041: ushering on 3/15
·         Natalie Pehrson 801-xxx-3628: concessions on 3/10 and ushering on 3/12
·         Priscilla Elzares 801-xxx-8019: concessions on 3/12
·         Patrice Laurene 801-xxx-2626: concessions on 3/12
·         Maddie Wariner 801-xxx-1351: concessions on 3/12 and 3/14
·         Jodie Stratford 801-xxx-0281: concessions on 3/14
·         Tibi Hoge 801-xxx-7151: concessions on 3/14
·         Janene Wirthlin 801-xxx-5434: ushering on 3/13



    This is the SECOND signup page. I don't see it on the blog post, if that is the case you'll want to edit the post and add it. :)

  2. are welcome. Anything for you, Jules! ;)