Thursday, November 21, 2013

From our Producer.  I was supposed to send this out last night.  Thought I'd put it on the blog in case some of you look!!!

Dear Parents,

Hello There! 

    We have quite a few opportunities popping up to help with the Annie production at Legacy! Some will be involved with the Show nights only in March, but there are many things needed now to help our great little actresses and actors prepare for a fantastic show. When you pick your sons and daughters up from rehearsal tomorrow, TODAY, November 21st, please come inside to meet me and find something on the list that you can help with. Any help provided for this production does count towards your volunteer hours and you will be a part of something new and big at Legacy! 

Again, TODAY, your children will be inside for pick up, I am so excited to meet all of you and help you pick what part of this crew you want to be! If you will not be picking your child up tomorrow, please see the email from me that will be coming this weekend. It will have a complete list of needs that have to be complete asap. Feel free to call with any questions. Please note, that I do work in the daytime and cannot answer my phone during certain hours. Be sure to leave a message if I am unavailable when you try to reach me, I will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Nikki Nelson

Friday, November 15, 2013

Well Gosh guys, we are off and running with our amazing musical.  Our first big number NYC is nearly finished!!! But is isn't quite there....


Thursday, November 21st we need ALL CAST  who is in NYC!!!  (NO Rooster, NO Hannigan and NO Lilly).  This is a HUGE number and because we double cast our show, it is taking longer than anticipated...

DECEMBER 5th (after Thanksgiving Break)  HARD KNOCK LIFE... ALL ORPHANS including ANNIE (No one else.. Just Orphans)... WE NEED THESE GIRLS TO STAY UNTIL 5:30 this evening... Pick up time is 5:30 NOT 4:45.  We need that additional 45 minutes to make up for missed rehearsal time next week.. PLEASE SEND FOOD FOR YOUR ORPHANS ON THIS DAY or they will be lethargic, unmotivated and tired... Thanks everyone (email me or Teresa if this time change is a problem, otherwise we are assuming all orphans will be to rehearsal on December 5th from 3:00-5:30)
It is almost time for another parent meeting.  This will be our 2nd to last meeting.  (there will be one more meeting a few weeks before the show opens to teach you how to do your childs hair and makeup for the show)... However, THIS upcoming meeting will be after one of our rehearsals.  We will end rehearsal at 4:15, instead of 4:45,  introduce you to our producer, Nikki Nelson, explain all that is needed volunteer-wise for our show and have all the sign up sheets ready for you!!  We have not chosen a date yet, but, might possibly be the 2nd rehearsal in December (the 12th  OR SOONER!!!)  It is time to get moving on our production and there are TONS of things we need help with...