Thursday, October 10, 2013

What an AMAZING cast we have!! Here is a "sample" of our FIRST run through of the song Tomorrow, the finale.  It just makes me giddy with excitement to watch these kids... I have directed TONS of shows, but, this cast is so happy, so joyful and so eager to learn and be involved in this musical.  They just make me giggle!!
(We had many visitors peeking into watch our amazing cast today.  April Johnson, Sami Johnson, Elizabeth Hatch and several other adults who heard these kids voices and just had to see what was going on.  Everyone RAVED about how amazing these actors sounded today!!!)

If you were given a copied paper script...
1. three hole punch it
2. put it safely in a "hard" three ring binder
3. add a place for your highlighter and pencil if you wish
4. decorate the folder any way you want... personalize your folder any way you wish.
5. write your name on it
6. NOW it is safe to bring to rehearsal
If you do not put your copied paper scripts in a three ring binder, your pages will DEFINTELY get lost.
IT COSTS $5.00 to replace a script!!! "FIVE DOLLARS"... No acceptions.

It is fall break, also known as UEA!! YAY... enjoy your four day weekend everyone!!!

Get in the habit of bringing your scripts, a highlighter and a pencil to every rehearsal.  If you don't use it, that's ok.  At least you were prepared... Better to have everything and NOT use it, then NOT to have it at all.

Yep, there is homework!!
CD's were sent home today.
NYC must be memorized by next rehearsal (Thursday October 24th).
Please burn your cd onto your computer or laptop.
Then you have your music at your disposal.
IT COSTS $5.00 to replace the cd!!! "FIVE DOLLARS"... No acceptions.
So burn your cd onto your computer.

and last but not least.....

CHARACTER ANALYSIS:  These were due today.  If you didn't hand them in, no problem... you now have TWO weeks to finish them. Please fill out your CHARACTER ANALYSIS and turn them into Teresa Watts and/or myself.  
We are so excited to see what history you have created for all of your characters!!

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