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Our first rehearsal was AWESOME!!!  I hope your child had a great time at our "get to know the stage and read through of the script" rehearsal.  Teresa and I were able to share some funny stories of some of our times on stage, as well as teaching your kids the basics in acting... Center stage, when to be memorized or "off book (December 5th), treat each with respect, where is stage left, have fun, etc. 

We didn't get through the entire script, but, were dang close!!  I hope they all went home and finished the script (only 8 pages were left).  Had to cut it short, as Teresa and I will always strive to get your kids out of the building at exactly 4:45!!!  This gets them home by 5:00 with plenty of time do homework, eat dinner, etc... 

Regarding scripts... Some of the cast members were given "actual" script/books.... while some of the cast members were given "copies" of the script/books.  Let me explain:

Teresa and I were not sure how many children were going to audition.  We were HOPING for 16-20, would have been excited for 25 and OVERJOYED with 30... We had NO idea we were going to have 60 kids audition for this amazing opportunity.  
It really put us in a dilema.  
Do we double cast?  
Do we choose 30 kids and send the rest into the mental hospital thinking they weren't good enough to make the show and ruin their lives forever? (ha ha).  
Obviously we didn't want to hurt anyones feelings, so we chose to have "two" casts.
So we ordered the rights to Annie kids ($487)  it came with "30" scripts/books.
Out of our 60 kids, 38 have lines.  the rest do not.
we ordered "10" more books, which cost us $125.  
This way, everyone who has a line, has a script/book... We simply could not justify spending another $250 to order 20 more scripts/books. 
IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR CHILD TO HAVE A SCRIPT/BOOK.  Teresa and I are MORE then happy to order them, but, it will NOT come out of the fees.  They come in packages of "10".  You will have to get 9 other students who want them and split the cost between yourselves.  It would come to $12.50 per person.  Feel free to organize this, collect the money and either Teresa or I will order the actual scripts for these 10 children.
I have NEVER given out books/scripts before at the high school level.  Kids lose their scripts and it is much easier to hand out the copies... 

Regarding the Paper Copies of the Script:  We are suggesting that you three hole punch the paper scripts, put them in a HARD three ring binder and let the kids personalize them!!!  Make them their unique scripts... 

If you are at all interested..... Let's talk a little bit about where the money goes to for a production. If you are not interested, scroll to the next picture and see what's coming up next!!

It seems some of you are thinking that the $45 you paid should go towards everything-- including costumes and scripts--- and every child equally. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way....  This is a lot of your first productions... It is SO exciting to see your kids sing and dance on the stage!!  Nothing is more gratifying then the applause after a production.  Your kids are going to have that magic moment in a few short months... It's AWESOME!!!  But, acting and singing isn't all that makes a production successful.  I have never really explained to parents where the money goes from fees, but, I think it is important that those of you who have questions, see what we will be spending the cast $45 fees on.

RIGHTS/ROYALTIES $612 The rights to this show ($487), plus the additional 10 scripts was ($125) totals $612.  That's just permission to do the show without being sued, the 40 scripts, the sound track and the trademarked logo pak so we can make and pay for our own banners, posters and anything to do with the media.

SOUND $1,500  We do NOT have a decent sound system at the elementary school.  Certainly not one that would support 9 wireless mics, sound board, wiring for board, four speakers and one monitor.  THIS ALL MUST BE RENTED.  I go through Pro-Audio and they ALWAYS give me an amazing deal.  I have used nearly every audio company in this city in my private and professional life, and Pro Audio is who I use.  That's it...  Last year I rented 11 mics for $1,000 for the week.   We need to rent WAY more then the wireless mics for this production.   Our stage has nothing...  We need 2 hanging mics (will probably cost $150) as well as 9 wireless mics... (approx $850-$900) We have never had to rent an actual sound board and all the wiring needed to run a sound system plus the speakers and monitor which works on that sound board...  This, in addition to the $900 for the mics, will probably cost around $300-$500 (haven't had the quote yet, Chip from Pro Audio is meeting with me in a week to figure out exactly what we need to rent for the best sound).

YES we could do this production without renting this equipment, but, you, in the audience wouldn't hear ANYTHING, as you know, from previous concerts and things you've seen performed on the stage in the past.  Teresa and I are very particular and have specific visions for this musical.  It is really going to sound and look amazing... 

SETS and PAINT $500-$700  This is our elementary school's "maiden voyage".  Meaning "we have "NOTHING", ha ha... We will not have huge sets, of course, but, we certainly would like to have a few key pieces we can use in this production and others we do in the future.. A couple of flats are essential...  Casters alone are $25-$50/caster (sometimes more)for good strong ones that will last from show to show to show-we need 4-8 of these..  We need paint for the sets, etc.  Everything costs moo-law.. 

MISCELLANEOUS $200-$300  There are ALWAYS miscellaneous charges that come up... we are helping with purchasing a few costumes and material to make certain things like "bloomers for the orphans", and a "dog costume" for Sandy,  the "red dress" for Annie and dresses that match for the boylyn sisters... belts with microphone bags for the wireless mics, etc..  

My goal was to spend $2,500 for this production, or less. This is what I proposed to Elizabeth Hatch and Karen Holman when I was given the OK to do a musical at the south campus.  When we have wonderful artistic paintings, a fun set, great props and fabulous costumes, it will make the entire experience magical for both the actors and the audience.  

ADVERTISING $200??  We will be making a couple of banners, several posters and fliers... Honestly, I can't remember what I have spent on this in the past, but $200 sounds about right.  Greg Watts is going to be in charge of this.

PROGRAMS We can spend a LOT or  Little!!  Either way, we will have programs.. This is an additional expense, depending on if we do a PlayBill type program professionally done, or it we make copies in the workroom at the south campus... Depends on what we have left over.

So you can see, it isn't cheap to put a musical together... I hope this helps you better understand the costs of a musical, what your fees will go towards.  

If you have any other questions regarding the fees and what they go towards, let me know!!

Thursday October 10th:  EVERYONE should be at rehearsal
We are learning the music to 
Hard Knock Life, 
Fully Dressed, 
NYC and 
TOMORROW (finale only).  

Please send a second lunch or a large snack for your child to eat after school.

Last week's rehearsal was a blast. This week will be equally as fun as we learn the music!!

EACH CHILD WILL BE GIVEN A CD of the music at rehearsal on Thursday, October 10th.  Please download this cd onto your computer as soon as you get it.  It will cost $5.00 to replace any lost cd's.  If you burn them onto your computer, you will never have to replace a missing cd.

Thanks for the support Teresa and I have received from you guys!! It is amazing how lucky we are to have such great parents!!!

Nikki Nelson, I haven't forgotten about you... Our "NEXT" production meeting will be with you!!! Then your role will be completely explained.  Nikki Nelson is one of the most awesome parents who has volunteered herself as our "theater slave".  Teresa and I are going to take FULL advantage of her!!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!  
See your children at rehearsal Thursday October 10th from 3:15-4:45.

xoxo Teresa and Jules

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