Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome to the LPA Elementary 3rd and 4th grade MUSICAL!!!!

"3rd and 4th grade" musical "BLOG"!!


This website is where you will find the audition sign up spreadsheet, rehearsal schedules, calendars, videos of choreography, upcoming parent meetings information or minutes to our previous meetings, policies and procedures, volunteer opportunities or any other needs for our show, costume details and anything else Mrs. Teresa Watts and I can think to add.

On the right of this page, is a countdown clock to the auditions, September 12th (Details below).  Below the clock is the link to SIGN UP FOR THE AUDITIONS!!!  Please click on the link "Audition Sign Up's", then sign your child up for a time to audition.  We are taking "5" children at a time in 15 minute slots.

At this time, we know for sure that rehearsals will be THURSDAYS AFTER SCHOOL.  We have not chosen performance dates yet, but, it will not be in the year 2013.  It will be sometime in 2014.  

We are not sure what musical we will be performing.  Since we have never directed a musical at the elementary before, we aren't sure how many kids will show up for auditions!!  Will the cast be girl heavy?? Boy heavy?? Or will we be even steven??
Until we have auditions, we will not announce the show, but we do have a couple in mind.  
Which brings me to:

When:   September 12th (thursday)
Where: Music Room.  (overflow and children waiting to audition will be on the stage)
Misc: Children are not to be left unattended at the after school auditions.  It has been asked that all children have an adult/parent with them so the kids are not running all over the school while they wait for their auditions.
Time: The audition sign up spread sheet is on the upper right side of this blog, under the countdown clock.  We are taking 5 students every fifteen minutes...  You will sign your child up for one of the five slots in a fifteen minute period.  (Please be on time!!!)
1.Your child will need to sing a song from a musical.  Any musical, wicked, lion king, tarzan, annie, willy wonka, shrek to name a few examples.... There are tons of musicals to choose from!!  (any song will do, but we prefer to hear one from a musical).
2  It should be ONE MINUTE LONG.  Although we would LOVE to hear an entire song, I assume we are going to have tons of auditions.  We simply have to limit the time to accommodate each student.  The song will be timed.  If they run over 60 seconds, unfortunately we will have to cut them off.  We reallllllly do not want to do stop a child from singing.  Please help your student limit their song to one minute so we don't have crying children and hurt feelings.
3.  All songs must have sheet music or a minus track.   You are welcome to bring your own accompanist, however, I will be there to accompany all children with sheet music.  The internet is sketchy at best, at the school.  If your minus track is on youtube, there is a strong possibility we won't be able to use it.  Try buying the karaoke version on itunes (usually costs $1.00-$1.50/song) and bringing in your ipod, or burning the minus track to a disc.  We will have a cd player as well as ipod connections available.  Also, no need to buy an entire book of musicals for sheet music.  Once your child decides on a song, go to and buy the individual sheet music for that particular song for $5.00-$7.00.  

I will post any additional information regarding the auditions on this blog, should there be any. 

PARENTS!!!  FIRST VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY and YES it counts towards your volunteer hours...
 While we are holding auditions in the music room, we need a few parents watching the kids on the stage... Parents are SUPPOSED to stay while their child auditions so the students can leave right after.  The volunteers at the auditions may sign up for 30 minute time slots.  Feel free to sign up for two consecutive 30 minutes!! We will be showing "chitty chitty bang bang" on the stage while the auditions take place in my room. 

Also, Auditions are on September 12th, but one week later, Thursday, SEPTEMBER 19th, there will be a parent meeting, after school for about 30-45 minutes.  Your children are welcome to stay.  Teresa and I will not keep you very long.  It will be held either on the stage or in my room. At this meeting we will be discussing what is expected of you and your children during the production.  There will be a contract that MUST BE SIGNED by both student and parent before agreeing to be in the musical.  We will go through all details of the contract at this meeting.  There will also be a volunteer sign up sheet at that meeting. 

One more thing parents, there will be a small fee of $45 to be in the musical due at the parent meeting on September 19th (please make checks out to "Legacy Preparatory Academy" and in the memo line put MUSICAL THEATER and your child's name)..  This will go towards licensing, set/stage design, rentals of sound equipment (mics, mixers, etc.) and several other things.  We do not want to exclude children from this amazing experience... If money is an issue, please feel free to email either me, or Teresa, and we will work something out!!  

THIS IS AN AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY.  It has nothing to do with our beautiful principle-Karen Holman, or your child's teacher... Please do NOT email your teacher with questions regarding this production.  They will not know the answers... Teresa and my email addresses and my cell phone are listed on the right side of this blog.  Contact us with any questions you have, please!! THANKS!!

THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!  Once your child is in the musical, check this blog frequently.  Teresa and I will keep it up to date with pertinent information.  If you cannot get in touch with Teresa or I, CHECK THE BLOG!! 

Hope to see a huge turn out for the auditions!!
xoxo Jules and Teresa

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